Student Spotlight: Kyle Ingram, J.D., May 2023

Interest in Intellectual Property and Science Guides Future Law Career

Why did you choose to attend UMKC School of Law?

I chose UMKC School of Law because of its great intellectual property program. Currently, my plan is to specialize in intellectual property law, focusing specifically on patent law. My long-term goal is to work as a patent prosecutor and specialize in biotech and pharmaceuticals.

What has been your favorite thing about law school?

My favorite thing about law school has been getting to know my fellow classmates. While at UMKC, I have made friendships that will last a lifetime. 

What is the most impactful or transformational experience you’ve had in law school?

Working on the UMKC Law Review has been the most impactful experience I've had in law school. During my time as a staff member, I had the opportunity to engage in hands-on editing of legal scholarship from both students and faculty. It was also a great opportunity to learn from the senior students who served as editors. My ability to conduct legal writing and research have greatly improved as a result. 

Tell us two interesting facts about yourself.

I have a passion for science and science education. I have created transgenic mice using CRISPR-Cas technology. Also, for the past few years, my wife and I have had the opportunity to serve as judges for the KC STEM Alliance Senior Showcase as well as the Greater KC Science and Engineering Fair.  The research these students perform is very impressive, and I love that I get to provide constructive criticism and encouragement to them. 

Published: Mar 7, 2023