Diversity, Inclusion and Empowerment

Diversity, Inclusion and Empowerment

As a student-centered, community-connected, justice-driven law school, UMKC School of Law embraces diversity as central to its mission of educating practice-ready lawyers and as a driver of excellence in teaching and learning. UMKC recognizes and values a broad spectrum of diversities, including race, ethnicity, culture, nationality, gender, gender identity, gender expression, age, sexual orientation, disability, linguistic ability, learning style, religion, socioeconomic and veteran status, life experiences, educational level and family structure.

Student Affinity Organizations

You can find a student organization for almost any professional interest at UMKC School of Law.

More student organizations can be found on RooGroups.

Student Resources

Division of Diversity and Inclusion

The Division of Diversity and Inclusion provides organizational development consultation and dynamic programming that enriches the educational experiences of students, staff, faculty, and community members.

The Office of Equity & Title IX

The dedicated staff members in the Office of Equity & Title IX are committed to inclusion and equity, as well as the University’s key values of learning, diversity, integrity, accountability, respect and collaboration.

UMKC Counseling Services

The mission of UMKC Counseling Services is to foster the psychological well-being, personal development and educational potential of our diverse student body.

Disability Resources

UMKC has several offices and departments that offer services to people with disabilities. Whether you need assistance getting around campus, accessing adaptive technology, or getting accommodations for your classes, we have staff and tools available.

Diverse Student Coalition

The UMKC Law Diverse Student Coalition advocates for the interests of the law school’s diverse student organizations, including the Black Law Students Association, the Latino Law Students Association, the Asian Pacific Islander Law Students Association, and the OutLaws (the LGBTQ+ students association). With the help of the Diverse Alumni Network, the Diverse Student Coalition hosts the Diversity Banquet every year to celebrate diversity in the legal community, honor the Diverse Student Coalition Scholarship recipient(s), and raise funds for the scholarship. The Diverse Student Coalition Endowed Scholarship is awarded each year to one or more diverse incoming law students. The goal is to maintain a meaningful and sustainable scholarship that can significantly alleviate the financial burden of attending law school.

Scholarships and Financial Aid

UMKC invests in diversity and we are committed to helping you develop a plan using a variety of resources so your focus can remain on your law school education.

Faculty Research and Scholarship

The Law School supports faculty research and scholarship in the areas of social, racial and economic justice with research grants, student research assistance and other support.

Diverse Alumni Network

The UMKC Law Diverse Alumni Network seeks to aid in fostering an inclusive environment at the UMKC School of Law and in the Kansas City legal community where diversity is valued and celebrated. The network strives to build and maintain an active and engaged community of UMKC Law diverse alumni committed to influencing diversity initiatives and serving as a resource to current UMKC law students of diverse backgrounds. Members of the Diverse Alumni Network are alumni of UMKC School of Law who identify as racially/ethnically diverse—including, but not limited to, African American/Black, Hispanic/Latino, Asian/Pacific Islander—or LGBTQ+. The leadership of the Diverse Alumni Network serves as a committee of the UMKC Law Alumni Association.

UMKC Diversity Events and Resources

We believe in fostering a dynamic and vibrant learning environment by engaging our campus community and Kansas City community in thought-provoking discussions about issues that matter and meaningful programs to create culturally competent citizens.

Events and programs

Alumni Who Advanced Diversity and Inclusion

The Importance of Diversity, Inclusion and Empowerment