Student Spotlight: Hunter Martin, J.D., May 2023

UMKC School of Law has a reputation for preparing students to be lawyers.

Why did you choose to attend UMKC School of Law?

UMKC School of Law has a reputation for preparing students to be lawyers. I'm happy to report that UMKC lives up to that reputation. I feel competent to start my career because of the practical skills and the academic foundation I have acquired here.

What has been your favorite thing about law school?

The connections I've made with faculty, classmates, and local attorneys stands out as my favorite thing. I came to law school with a very limited network of attorneys and I'm leaving UMKC with a huge network of close friends and mentors that I can rely on throughout my career.

What is the most impactful or transformational experience you’ve had in law school?

The internship and externship programs have been invaluable. These practical experiences have helped me determine what areas of law I want to pursue and where my strengths and weaknesses are. My oral and written advocacy skills have improved exponentially. These experiences have been essential for setting me up for success after graduation.

Tell us two interesting facts about yourself.

Since the age of four, my mother always knew I was going to be a lawyer due to my advocating skills regarding staying up past my bedtime or playing outside longer.

My senior year of high school I got voted "most likely to be a teacher" because both my parents are educators. Little did I know I would be starting my legal career at a firm that represents school districts. I am very excited about starting my career advocating for schools and educators.

Published: Apr 21, 2023