Grateful UMKC Law Alumni and Students are Proud of their Legal Education

Kylee Gomez, third-year law student, is grateful for legal education

Dear Fellow Law Alumni:

Kylee Gomez, third-year law student, is grateful for legal education-especially her work with the Expungement Clinic. Kylee said, “The Expungement Clinic gives me the opportunity to focus on equal justice for all while helping those right here in the Kansas City community.” Under Missouri’s expungement law, individuals may request the sealing of their criminal records, but the process is complex and expensive. Once an expungement is granted, an individual may truthfully answer “no” to questions on housing and employment applications concerning prior convictions. The individual is free from “the punishment that never ends” after fully paying their debt to society.

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Scott Bethune (JD ’88) President UMKC Law Foundation

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Published: Nov 21, 2022