Student Spotlight: Cinthia Terrazas, J.D., May 2024

Meet Cinthia Terrazas, Student Director of the UMKC Law Self-Help Clinic and Trailblazer
Why did you choose to attend UMKC School of Law?

UMKC stood out as the place that could foster my growth and give me the best opportunity to pursue a legal career. Being from a small town, I knew I wanted to attend a law school in a bigger city and the location of UMKC seemed like the perfect fit to gain access to a world of job opportunities.

What has been your favorite thing about law school?

My favorite aspect about UMKC is the challenging and engaging coursework taught by incredible law professors who care about their students and the built-in community of friends and scholars that you meet along the way. As a first-generation law student, I really appreciate that.

What is the most impactful or transformational experience you’ve had in law school?

Working in the self-help clinic has been an amazing part of my law school career as it has helped me apply what I have learned in classes to the real world and real situations. Also, it has given me confidence to exercise my leadership skills, increase my ability to cultivate attorney client-relations, and facilitate communications. I have also met incredible attorneys and legal aid staff members through the clinic who have been very supportive while I continue to learn the law.

Tell us two interesting facts about yourself.

I am a first-generation American, first-generation college student and first-generation law student. Spanish is my first language. I began learning English in kindergarten.
Published: Aug 24, 2022