Law School Love Stories

Meet six couples who met their significant others while in law school.
Kristi Burmeister (J.D. ’07) and Brett Burmeister (J.D. ’06)

By Brett Burmeister

Kristi and Brett Burmeister

We met on day one, at Kristi’s 1L orientation. I was the teacher’s assistant for Kristi’s legal writing class and, after going around the room introducing ourselves, we discovered that we both had lived in the tiny state of Rhode Island at the same time (I attended Providence College and Kristi worked two summers at a Newport bed & breakfast during college). We imagine there were times during those summers when we were only blocks away from each other and didn’t know it. This commonality led to discussions about the dive Mexican restaurant we enjoyed in Providence, the beauty of the Newport Cliff Walk and more.
The Burmeister family poses for the photo

We didn’t start dating right away. While I had settled into my studies as a 2L, Kristi was in near panic mode, overwhelmed by the amount of studying and general intimidation of the first year of law school. She was in no mood for dating, despite my advances. As that first semester wore on, Kristi started to get the hang of law school. We would often run into each other at everyone’s favorite hangouts (Mike’s Tavern and Tomfooleries). Kristi finally agreed to a first date, and I aimed to impress with a dinner at Plaza III (thanks, student loans!).

The rest is history. We married several years after graduating and have been blessed with two beautiful children. As we celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary this fall, we will recall those wonderful moments in law school that mark the early stages of our relationship. We are forever grateful for the time spent at UMKC because it led us to a profession we love and, more importantly, to each other.

Meredith Moser (J.D. ’06) and Megan McCurdy (J.D. ’07)

By Meredith Moser

Meredith Moser (J.D. ’06) and Megan McCurdy pose together in front of the U.S. Capitol among a crowd

It took a number of years to convince Professor Temm that there was no scandal! We met in the spring semester of 2005 when I was Megan’s teaching assistant for Professor Wilson’s legal writing section. Honestly, I barely noticed her, as I was trying to stay on my toes with much of the brain trust of the 1L class ending up in my section. Megan applied for a teaching position the following year and called me over the summer to talk about the training. I’m not sure if she or I suggested meeting for lunch to chat in person. Either way, that was when I knew I may be in some trouble!

It was our first real conversation about much personal beyond recounting weekend shenanigans before class. There was definitely some mutual interest at that first "date" on a roof in Westport, but she was coming out of a long-term relationship and was busy on the summer train of fun. Not exactly relationship material.

Much to my surprise though, we loved hanging out with one another. So that’s what we did. Sooner or later, my friends started laughing at my description of Megan and I keeping things "breezy." At some point, as I recounted our similar values and complementary personalities, they started asking "tell us again why you aren’t dating?" At some point, it was clear that we were, in fact, dating. We loved the magic of starting our relationship during law school. There is plenty of work in law school, but also ample space for life once you get into the flow of things.

Moser and McCurdy pose with their two children in front of Mount Rushmore

We got married on April 17, 2010, at a lovely bed and breakfast near Des Moines. Leave it to lawyers to make sure the ceremony was legal at its original situs to prepare for the inevitable full faith and credit ruling! Our first daughter was born in February of 2012 and our second in March of 2014. Megan is the deputy chair of one of Stinson’s litigation division, and I do workers’ compensation defense in-house for Zurich Insurance.

We have much gratitude for the years at UMKC that brought us to one another and served as an incubator for this amazing life we have created together.

Caitlin Brock (J.D. ’15) and Alex Felzien (J.D. ’17)

By Caitlin Brock

Caitlin Brock (J.D. ’15) and Alex Felzien (J.D. ’17) pose in front of a house

Alex and I actually met on Valentine’s Day. Ok, technically it was Valentine’s night and we ran into each other at Harpo’s, the origin of all great love stories. I had no idea who he was; I was a 3L and didn’t have the time of day for a little 1L. But he was persistent and I ended up hanging out with him for the rest of the night.

Our first date was a few weeks later when Alex asked me to go to Barrister’s Ball with him. I remember being slightly freaked out; I was getting ready for graduation and the bar and I wasn’t remotely in the market for a boyfriend. But the persistent 1L won again, and I ended up getting some really amusing photo booth shots out of the night.

Caitlin Brock and Alex Felzien at his Law School graduationOne of my favorite memories with Alex was his first Brock Family Vacation. My mom liked him so much that she invited him on our annual family trip to Miami without even asking me. It ended up being a great vacation for him before he started bar preparation, and was further confirmation for me that he was a keeper. Any guy that can survive a week in a house with my sister and me … .
Caitlin poses with Alex, who is dressed in law school graduation robes
We’ll be celebrating our four-year anniversary soon and it’s been hilarious and incredible to see how far we’ve come from that night at Harpo’s. We recently moved into our first apartment together and adopted a cat, all while settling into our respective careers. I can’t wait to see what the next four years have in store for us.

Ashley Draper Aramjoo (J.D. ’14) and Paemon Aramjoo (J.D. ’14)

By Paemon Aramjoo

Whether through turmoil or peace, having someone you love by your side makes it all worth it. Ashley and I met in high school through a mutual friend. First seeing Ashley, an overall giddiness ensured that still holds true as of today. Spending more and more time together made it clear that we would not be leaving each other’s side.

While I may have aimlessly ended up in law school, Ashley had a desire for some time to get there. Having each other to help ride the roller coaster of assignments and papers created a possibility to get through the work that would not exist in the same sense without her by my side.

Since going through law school this has all continued to be true. Whether we were getting pulled over on our wedding night the summer before our 3L year, rebuilding from a house that caught fire or having a baby, the goofiness and enjoyment of being with someone you love is second to none. Going on year five of practicing law together, I am certain that my path in life will have an aim and that aim is having my loved one by my side.

Watch a video of Ashley and Paemon being interviewed the day they were sworn in as attorneys.

Jennifer Watson Robertson (J.D. ’08) and Kip Robertson (J.D. ’06)

By Jennifer Robertson

Kip Robertson and I met at UMKC Law School in 2005 and are now married with three children. I was a 1L in 2005 and Kip was 3L so our paths didn’t cross much during the beginning of the school year. I remember the legendary Law School Halloween Party was coming up, but I had a brief due and had no time to find a costume. I wasn’t even sure I wanted to go. But at the last minute, I grabbed a pair of Ugg boots and a bag of Cheetos, threw my hair on top of my head and stuffed a throw pillow under my shirt so I could go as pregnant Britney Spears. And, of course, that was the night I met the man I was going to marry. Kip and his roommates all dressed in questionably small Ninja Turtle costumes. Kip was Leonardo and found me to tell me my costume was his favorite so I offered him some Cheetos. He asked me to dance, and we’ve been together ever since.

Jennipher Hawkins (J.D. ’16) and Matt Hawkins (J.D. ’16)

By Jennipher Hawkins

Jennipher and Matt Hawkins pose for a photo with their three cats

We first met our 1L year. We were in the same circle of friends, but we never really hung out outside of school, just saw each other around every now and then (I was in section C, he was in A). The first time we ever saw each other was at Kin Lin at a group lunch. I told him he looked like Jim from The Office. The first time we ever hung out outside of school was November 8th (I remember the date for a very good reason as you will see haha). A group of us went to Westport that Friday night. I had just turned 21 a few months before, and I was super jazzed about going. That night, I had an asthma attack, and I had no inhaler on me. Everyone was freaking out, trying to figure out what to do. At some point, I stopped breathing entirely. Matt was the only one who thought of doing mouth to mouth. I came to soon after. When it was realized that I was going to be ok, Matt said, “I feel like I should take you to dinner after that.”

Jennipher and Matt Hawkins at their wedding

We got married on Oct. 15, 2016, approximately one month after bar results came out (we always joked it was either going to be a very happy wedding or a very sad wedding, depending on the results). We got married at the Ameristar in St. Charles on the event lawn and had our reception in the nightclub. Our theme was Beauty and the Beast, everything emanated our theme, from the dress to the centerpieces to our first dance. Professor Foreman read a poem for us at the ceremony, our good friend Stephen Krogmeier (J.D. ’16) was our officiant, and we had Syd Tippie (J.D. ’16) in the wedding party. My favorite moment was when Matt teared up the minute he saw me walk down the aisle. There were a few funny moments (I gave myself seven things that could go wrong at the wedding without me getting mad). Stephen forgot to tell our guests they could sit down after I made it to the altar, so they stood for about 5-7 minutes while Stephen read. I spilled our unity sand all over the table, we nearly tipped our cake over when we tried to cut it, our programs weren’t put out until the reception, etc. Even with those mishaps, it was the best day of my life.

Published: Feb 21, 2019