UMKC School of Law Welcomes Class of 2021

On August 13, the UMKC School of Law welcomed 128 students to the class of 2021. Throughout the week, students participated in orientation week activities. On the first day, student participated in the Matriculation Ceremony which features guest speakers, the name of each student being called as they meet representatives from the UMKC School of Law community and students taking the law school student oath. Learn more about our incoming class…


Chancellor C. Mauli Agrawal gave remarks to the incoming class during the Ceremony, along with the dean Barbara Glesner Fines, the Student Bar Association President Elsa Linares and the keynote speaker, the Honorable Lajuana Counts. In the same day, Dean Glesner Fines and Dean Emerita Ellen Suni also addressed important issues to have in mind when 1Ls begin their studies including how to be happy in law school, pitfalls to avoid, techniques for coping with stress and the best way to approach law school studies.

Students also had the opportunity to meet leaders of student organizations, faculty, and staff members.

The Class of 2021 is comprised of 98 Fall Starters, 11 Spring Starters and 19 Summer Starters. Three students were part of the UMKC 90+ Program.  The class represents 16 states and one students joins us from Norway. 30% of the class are also first-generation college students. Seven served in the military and 12 enter law school with graduate degrees.

The class is comprised of several engineers, police officers, teachers, marathon runners, competitive sports players and many who previously interned in legislature, at ACLU and courthouses.

Entering Class of 2021 Profile:*

Full Time: 114
Part-Time: 7


Female: 54%
Male: 46%

Ethnic Minorities: 18%

Average Age: 26

Students 30 and Older: 22

Median LSAT: 153

Median GPA: 3.41

Top 5 majors:

Political Science
Criminal Justice/Criminology
Business Management/Administration

Top 7 states of residence (due to ties):


Top 5 undergrad:

University of Missouri
University of Kansas
University of Missouri- Kansas City
Missouri State University
Truman State University

*As of August 10, 2018

Published: Aug 20, 2018