UMKC Law is One of the Best Schools for Bar Exam Preparation

UMKC School of Law was recognized by The National Jurist as one of the best schools in the nation for bar exam preparation. This is the second time The National Jurist has recognized UMKC’s efficient method of preparing the students for the bar exam since 2015.

The National Jurist looks at incoming LSAT scores in an effort to predict bar passage for prior years and future years. They use a regression model fitting a quadratic relationship with median LSAT scores and a linear relationship with state bar pass rates. In 2014, UMKC law graduates outperformed the bar exam passage predictor (85%) by 4.11%, resulting in an actual passage of  89.11%.

Thanks to the unique way UMKC prepares the students for bar exam, students have a higher possibility of passing the bar exam even if they started with a lower LSAT score.

For bar prep, the window between May, June and July is too late in the game for many students.  This is why UMKC offers students professional education that is specifically designed for the bar exam since day one. UMKC actively teaches students the necessary analytic skills. They are exactly what the bar exam requires from a student and what it takes for someone to become an outstanding attorney. In addition, UMKC Law offers a Bar Prep Program that is specifically designed to provide all-rounded support for students after graduation to significantly enhance the predictors and help students with lower LSAT scores pass the bar exam. Professor Wanda Temm, also author of Clearing the Last Hurdle: Mapping Success on the Bar Exam, leads the Bar Prep Program at UMKC. Since the establishment of this program, active participants have displayed an astounding pass rate over 96% for the bar exam of their choice.

Since 2003, UMKC’s established bar prep program has assisted over fourteen hundred graduates in realizing their dream — passing the bar exam and becoming practicing attorneys.

Source: The National Jurist 8 – 14

Published: Feb 23, 2017