Missouri Land Use Law and Practice

Missouri Land Use Law and Practice is a 12-volume set. The first seven volumes are devoted to the basic law of land use centered on zoning and planning. The volumes cover subjects from nuisance to vested rights and boards of zoning adjustment. The remaining volumes are devoted to litigation of these issues, including the proper methods of review for specific land-use actions such as refusal to rezone, barriers to litigation and actions under the Civil Rights Act, 42 USC §1982.

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Volume I: Law and Practice

Chapter 1: Pre-Zoning Land Use Controls
Chapter 2: Legal Structure of Land Use Controls
Chapter 3: Amendments of Zoning Districts
Chapter 4: Streets, Subdivision Regulations and Plats
Chapter 5: Missouri Economic Development Law
Chapter 6: Boards of Zoning Adjustment
Chapter 7: Vested Rights – Estoppel

Volume II: Litigation

Chapter 8: Restricting Government Power to Regulate Land Use
Chapter 9: Barriers to Judicial Review of Land Use Decisions
Chapter 10: Appropriate Methods of Judicial Review
Chapter 11: Substance and Procedure of Challenges to Particular Government Actions
Chapter 12: Remedies for Unconstitutional or Illegal Acts of Government in the Regulation of Land Use
Chapter 13: Miscellaneous

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Missouri Economic Development Law

Since the end of World War II, the field of economic incentives has grown exponentially, covering a spectrum from simple property tax abatement for curing blight, to complex tax credits and refunds for job creation. Each year, the Missouri legislature has added new provisions and amended old ones. Furthermore, many incentive projects have been challenged in court with respect to whether they comply with the statute involved, and even the constitutionality of the statutes themselves have been called into question. Today, virtually every city in America has an economic development director. Any lawyer practicing in the field of land use, or representing expanding or relocating companies, needs to be aware of these issues. Missouri Economic Development Law catalogues all Missouri and relevant federal programs, and explains them in plain English, with black letter summaries for each type. This book should be a part of the library of every law firm, city attorney, economic development official and judge in Missouri.

This is a digital publication, but you may print part or all of the book.


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