Join our Summer Program in Dingle, Cork and Dublin for a remarkable summer of learning and fun.

Program overview

UMKC School of Law offers a four-week, five-credit summer study abroad program in the Republic of Ireland. We also offer two externships with the Irish Supreme Court for an additional month in Dublin, Ireland. A partial program is available at a reduced cost.

Three locations

The program offers students an opportunity to learn and experience this program across the span of three magnificent locations while learning the role of the European Court of Justice, rules and role of EU legal order and judicial dialogue between the EU Court and the Member State’s National Courts. Equally important, you will learn about the free movement rules of the European Union internal markets, about Global Corporations and their increasing threat to consumer welfare through price-fixing cartels, boycotting, market sharing, illegal rebate pricing practices, predatory pricing and refusal to supply to raw material.

What you'll learn

You will go on to learn about market sharing cartels and the EU’s European Union Merger Control regime and how it affects U.S. mergers. You also will have an opportunity to compare select criminal law systems from around the world and discuss the role of punishment and criminal codes. In addition, you may also apply for a field placement with the Supreme Court of Ireland for an additional two-credit-hour externship opportunity and additional month-long stay in Ireland to enhance your learning experience. 


March 1 (after that, based on housing availability)


Registration is open to all U.S. and foreign law students as well as any interested graduate student from other disciplines, attorneys and a limited number of student companions. All applicants must be in good academic standing and law students must have completed at least one full- or part-time year of law school study to attend. Non-law students should provide evidence of good academic standing with their school or department. Community participants should contact the program coordinator for further information.

Program benefits

  • 5.0 hours of ABA-approved credit, 7.0 including externship
  • Courses taught by distinguished faculty from America and the Republic of Ireland
  • Same flat fee for residents/nonresidents/international students
  • Qualifies for financial aid funding
  • Included in package price:
    • Group dinners
    • Dingle Peninsula Tour
    • Irish group dance lesson
    • Visit Ross Castle in Killarney Park
    • Tour with Michael Collins Center
    • Visit Famine Warhouse
    • Visit Rock of Cashel
    • Weekends free for student travel or sightseeing in Ireland or European Union
    • Course materials provided
    • Transportation between program locations
    • Private room in self-catering shared living area residences

Contact us

Libby Johnson

Program Coordinator
Phone Number: 816-235-1584

Edwin T. Hood

Program Co-director
Phone Number: 816-235-2394

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