UMKC Law Faculty Recent Scholarship Driven by Justice


Associate Professor Timothy E. Lynch
The ICCPR, Non-Self-Execution, and DACA Recipients' Right to Remain in the United States
34 Georgetown Immigration Law Journal 323 (2020).
Winner of the 2019 Daniel E Brenner Faculty Publication Award


Associate Professor Mikah Thompson
Just Another Fast Girl: Exploring Slavery’s Continued Impact on the Loss of Black Girlhood
forthcoming 44 Harvard Journal of Law and Gender (2020)
Read about the impact of Professor Thompson’s work as co-chair of the Missouri Supreme Court’s Commission on Racial and Ethnic Fairness


Professor Jamila Jefferson-Jones
(with Taja-Nia Y. Henderson)
#LIVINGWHILEBLACK: Blackness As Nuisance
69 American University Law Review 863 (2020)
Read Professor Jefferson-Jones’ interview about her work


Professor Paul D. Callister, Director Leon E. Bloch Law Library
What Is Meant by Freedom?
37 Pace Law Review 507 (2017).




Professor Sean D. O'Brien
Strange Justice for Victims of the Missouri Public Defender Funding Crisis: Punishing the Innocent
61 St. Louis U. L.J. 725, 726 (2017)


Associate Professor Jasmine Abdel-Khalik
Scènes à Faire As Identity Trait Stereotyping
2 Business, Entrepreneurship & Tax Law Review 241 (2018).
Read more of Professor Abdel-Khalik’s work on Intellectual Property Law and Identity



Curators’ Professor and Associate Dean Nancy Levit (with Naomi Cahn, June Carbone)
Gender and the Tournament: Reinventing Antidiscrimination Law in an Age of Inequality
96 Texas Law Review 425 (2018).
Read more of Dean Levit’s scholarship on discrimination here