Bar Preparation

UMKC’s support for its students doesn't end at graduation. We continue to assist our students as they face the last hurdle to practicing law.

Choosing Courses to Prepare for the Bar Exam

Students often want to know which law school classes would be of benefit to them to be prepared for the bar exam. While the required courses cover almost all bar topics, this listing provides additional information.

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Bar Exam Preparation Courses

The bar examination may be one of the most intellectually challenging experiences for any law school graduate. The stakes are high—and so is the stress. To help our students prepare for the test, we offer bar preparation courses to assist our students in passing the exam. The UMKC Bar Prep Program is unique and focuses preparation by concentrating on strategies and tactics to pass the bar exam.

Meeting Times for Bar Prep Classes

Our bar prep classes meet once or twice a week in the afternoons for our summer bar prep course and in the evenings for our winter bar prep course. All classes are videotaped and posted online. Our key emphasis is not the classes themselves, but completing practice essays every week. We will also cooperate with UMKC J.D. and LL.M. students who are not in Kansas City during the summer.

Bar prep class schedules  Bar Prep Options (video)

Registration and Pricing

Course pricing and payment deadlines for UMKC Law Graduates
  February 2023 July 2023
UMKC Law Graduate
First-time participant
$600 paid or arrangements made by Dec 2
$650 paid or arrangements made after Dec 2
$600 paid or arrangements made by Feb 28
$650 paid or arrangements made after Feb 28
Prior participant
entire bar
$100 $100
Prior participant
second state
$100 $100
Course pricing and payment deadlines for Non UMKC Law Graduates
  February 2023 July 2023
Non-UMKC Law Graduate $800 (Limited slots available);
$250 due Nov 1,
balance due Dec 2
$250 due April 1,
balance due May 12
Prior participant
entire bar or in second state
$250 (director’s permission required) $250 (director’s permission required)

Financing and Payment Options

Two ways to pay

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Payment plans and tuition waivers available only to UMKC Law graduates

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