3 + 3 Programs

Learn about our 3+3 Programs

UMKC School of Law has partnered with other undergraduate institutions to offer a faster route to law school for exceptional students who are highly motivated. These programs are typically called 3+3 agreements or 90+ agreements because they allow students to start their law degrees after completing 90+ credit hours or 3 years of undergraduate coursework.

90-hour students will apply the same as traditional applicants but will indicate they are a 90-hour student in the application.

In order to be admitted under the program, the applicants must have done the following:

  • They must have made arrangements with the undergraduate school that will award the degree to accept law school credits for the remaining credit hours.*
  • They must submit with their application a letter from their undergraduate institution stating they will award the undergraduate degree upon successful completion of the first-year law courses before obtaining the JD.

Each university has its own regulations for their program, so students are encouraged to check with their degree-conferring institution for details. Currently, UMKC School of Law has agreements with UMKC and with Missouri State University.


*Since UMKC School of Law does not confer the undergraduate degree and assumes no responsibility in regard to it, it is the duty of the student to make certain that the requirements for the degree are satisfied. Questions concerning requirements for the undergraduate degree or transferability of law

UMKC offers an accelerated curricular option, the 90+ program. A student's first 30 hours at UMKC's School of Law may fulfill as many as 30 credit hours of non-Arts and Sciences electives towards an undergraduate degree. Therefore, if a student completes all of the general education, major, and upper-level requirements, leaving only elective credits to receive an undergraduate degree, the student may apply to the law school at UMKC. All 90+ students must provide a letter from the pre-law advisor certifying that they have met these requirements.
If accepted, the student can start law school without having actually received an undergraduate bachelor's degree. The student will receive the undergraduate degree after earning the requisite amount of law school credits necessary to fulfill the remaining amount of undergraduate elective credits (up to 30 hours).

Students should meet with the pre-law advisor to see if they qualify for the program and keep close contact with the pre-law advisor throughout their time at UMKC. The advisor will ensure that students stay on track toward their academic and career goals. In addition, the pre-law advisor can provide students with information on the competitive GPA and LSAT scores required for admission to the Law School. The 90+ program does not guarantee admission into UMKC's School of Law

For more details about the UMKC 90+ Program, click below.


The Six-Year Law Scholars Program allows high-achieving high school students to prepare for their application to UMKC School of Law through a selective cohort as part of the 90+ Program (described above) while earning their undergraduate degrees.

  • First-time college freshmen who have a minimum comprehensive ACT score of 26 or an equivalent SAT score, and a minimum high school core GPA of 3.5 may apply for admission to this program by completing the general application for admission to UMKC.
  • Six-Year Law Scholars will meet regularly with an advisor to ensure that they can complete their undergraduate requirements prior to application to early entry into UMKC School of Law.
  • Six-Year Law Scholars must provide a letter from the pre-law advisor which certifies that they have continued to maintain the standards necessary for admission to UMKC School of Law.

For more information about the program, contact the UMKC Pre-Law Advisor.


UMKC Law is proud to partner with Missouri State to offer a program that allows students to earn their bachelor's degree and J.D. degree in just six years. For more details on the program, visit Missouri State’s Accelerated Juris Doctor page, and connect with the Missouri State pre-law advisor.


UMKC Law is proud to partner with Truman State University to offer a program that allows students to earn their bachelor's degree and J.D. degree in just six years. For more details on the program, visit Truman State's Pre-Law Studies page, and connect with the Truman State 3+3 law school pathways coordinator.


UMKC Law has added University of Central Missouri to its partner schools who allow students to earn their bachelor's degree and J.D. degree in just six years. For more details on the program, please contact the pre-law advisor.