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AFFORDABLE Understanding the importance of a great, yet affordable, legal education.

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New Year, New Numbers, New Faces

umkclawnewsFilled with enrichment activities and practical presentations, this week’s orientation program at the School of Law will help students prepare for the upcoming year. New students will pass through these doors, bringing with them their diverse experiences, unique perspectives, and strong statistics.

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Life at Stake: O’Brien Raises the Standard for Defense

O'Brien1Professor Sean O’Brien has been a part of UMKC ever since he graduated from the School of Law in 1980. Student, adjunct professor, and finally associate professor: he’s played many roles in this academic community. “In a way, I never left,” he says as he reflects on his journey. “Joining the faculty full time has felt like coming home.”

Before returning to the school as an adjunct in 1995, O’Brien spent his time passionately pursuing the interests of those in the greatest need of an honorable and forthright defense: an undertaking he continues to this day. Since the resurgence of death penalty litigation in the 1980’s while O’Brien was a member of the Jackson county public defender’s office, he has worked tirelessly to offer legal aid to those facing this sentence.

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Levit and the Making of Good, Happy Lawyers (and Law Professors)

Levit1One might say UMKC runs in the family for Professor Nancy Levit. Her father, a professor of philosophy at the school, retired from academia just three months before she joined the faculty at the School of Law in 1988. Now, twenty-seven years later, Levit is still making wonderful, meaningful connections with students and faculty as she researches the intersection of positive psychology and law—better known as “happiness research.”

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Upcoming CLE: 101 Post-Alice: How USPTO & Practitioners are Reacting


Join representatives from the USPTO’s Office of Patent Legal Administration July 23 from 3:30 to 6:30 p.m. as they discuss the changes and questions raised by four recent Supreme Court rulings that have dramatically redefined the scope of patent eligible subject matter in the United States. This event is free of charge and counts toward 1.0 hour of Missouri CLE credit (Kansas credit pending).


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Welcome to the UMKC School of Law website. We appreciate your interest in our school, and I hope you will use this site as an opportunity to become acquainted with our outstanding faculty, staff, students and program.

At UMKC, we are powered by experience. From our faculty who teach from a breadth of real-world experience to the hands-on practical training you’ll experience as a student, we are committed to providing a legal education that prepares students for a fulfilling career. With our reasonable cost, the strong job placement of our graduate and our outstanding bar passage rates, UMKC's value is undeniable. We are an inclusive, student-centered law school where faculty and students works together in a supportive environment. Our faculty, with more practice experience than at most schools, are productive scholars and dedicated teachers. We pride ourselves in integrating high-level theory with practical skills to educate lawyers who develop a sense of professionalism and judgment and who are excellent problem solvers, able to well serve their clients and communities.

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UMKC School of Law is the urban law school of the University of Missouri system and provides its students with a comprehensive, affordable legal education comprised of a personalized admissions process, collaboration with supportive faculty, real-world opportunities in a vibrant city, and tools and skills to experience professional success.

The law school is located at the edge of the Volker Campus in the heart of Kansas City. The facilities include two modern, state-of-the-art courtrooms (one with an innovative viewing theater) and faculty suites with student offices and carrels to encourage faculty-student interaction. Our extensive library collection meets the research and information needs of students and the greater legal community.

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The University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Law is a public law school founded in 1895 as the Kansas City School of Law, a private, independent law school located in downtown Kansas City. Three young lawyers – William Borland, Edward Ellison and Elmer Powell – founded the law school with assistance from members of the bench and bar.

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Entering students: 172
Full-time: 164
Part-time: 8
Mean LSAT: 152
Mean GPA: 3.26
Male to Female ratio: 53/47%
Enrolled Minorities: 16% (self-identifying)
Average age: 26
State of residence other than Missouri or Kansas: Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, North Carolina, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Ohio, Oklahoma, Texas, Wisconsin, Washington D.C.

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