For the past decade, the law school’s alumni participation rate has been in the 9% to 10% range. The goal is to at least double that rate by 2020. The goal for 2015-16 is at least 12%, with the rate increasing at least 2% every year to reach 20%.

The alumni participation rate is important for several reasons: the reputation of the law school, funding new initiatives and achieving the highest participation rate at UMKC.

Reputation of the school –20% consistent alumni participation rate is reflective of a law school that is similar in culture, location and demographics of UMKC. A 20% rate is a credible rate that we can promote to potential funders to demonstrate the value that alumni place on their legal education at UMKC.

Funding new initiatives – an increased giving rate will also generate new dollars that can initiate new innovate programs at the law school to benefit students.

UMKC alumni participation rate – an increasing rate of alumni participation will demonstrate to the UMKC administration and other decision makers the importance of the law school to UMKC, Kansas City area and the state of Missouri.