prelaw fall 2018 mag coverUMKC School of Law was recognized for its outstanding bar passage rate, criminal law program and better-than-expected employment rate in the latest issue of preLaw magazine, a National Jurist publication.

Getting a job is top priority as students prepare to enter the legal field. PreLaw’s “Back to School” issue decided to look at how graduates of various schools fared in the job market, as compared to predictions based on factors including students’ average LSAT scores and undergraduate GPAs. UMKC Law had a 75.8 percent predicted employment rate; the actual employment rate came in at 83.9 percent.

For PreLaw’s employment predictions, students’ incoming scholastic achievements accounted for about 58 percent of the difference between law schools, crediting 42 percent of the variability in employment to be explained by other aspects.

So what makes up UMKC’s 42 percent? The School of Law believes it lies in how we strive to prepare practice-ready lawyers. We offer experiential learning opportunities, from field placements to clinic settings, where students work with actual cases and clients. The Professional and Career Development Center helps students tackle today’s job market by working with students to refine their marketing materials and professionalism, as well as identify and define their career goals. The Career Center is hands-on, learning students’ strengths, connecting them with people and opportunities and supporting them in finding meaningful employment as students and as graduates. The Career Center is dedicated to students’ professional development, and faculty and staff work tirelessly to help students grow into well-rounded lawyers.

Located on a state line, with a number of major law firms, courthouses and large U.S. corporations headquartered here, Kansas City offers students limitless avenues to achieve their career goals. In addition, studying and living in a major city helps to ensure students can easily take classes and work during the academic year and during the summer.

PreLaw’s  “Ultimate Bar Passage Rate for 2015” list reflects the hard work students put into the end of their 3L year and the benefits of our UMKC Bar Prep Program. For the first time, the American Bar Association released nationwide bar passage rate results for ABA-approved law schools that stretch over a longer period of time. Rather than looking at first time test-takers, the results show the bar passage rates over the course of two years. UMKC School of Law had an ultimate bar passage rate of 93 percent. 

UMKC also made the list for best criminal law programs. Criminal law is one of the most demanding areas of law, with a lot at stake. UMKC trains students, from day one, to seek justice as one of their core values. UMKC School of Law was given an A- for the extensive program, which offered 35 courses during the 2017-2018 school year. PreLaw noted our Law, Technology and Public Police Course Expungement Project, which teaches students how to use technology to help expunge criminal records. Criminal law courses, faculty field placements, clinics and CLE are the largest component of the Advocacy emphasis area at UMKC School of Law. In addition, the law school’s LL.M. program in Lawyering has a specific Criminal Law emphasis. UMKC School of Law has faculty who are experts in the field, including Professor Sean O’Brien, Dean Emerita Ellen Suni, Professor Rafe Foreman, and many others.

There is no doubt about it: UMKC School of Law assists students from enrollment to graduation so they are prepared for each step of their future careers as lawyers.