Given the breadth of the Law School’s entrepreneurship initiatives, covering subject matters pertinent to small, medium and large businesses, high growth potential technology ventures, real estate development entrepreneurship, social enterprises, and entrepreneurship in the practice of law, many members of the faculty are be involved in teaching entrepreneurship in individually taught or team-taught courses. The following is a list of just those faculty members who have express, regular emphasis on entrepreneurship:

Philip N. Krause

Adjunct Professor of Law
Website: Law Firm
Photo of Philip N. Krause


Adjunct Prof. Philip Krause teaches Advising Life Sciences and Technology Entrepreneurs and is a coach of the Law School Intellectual Property Meet competition team. He has been affiliated with prominent Kansas City-based law firms for most of his career, but Philip is an entrepreneur in his own right and currently has his own private law practice seeking to transform how lawyers interact with entrepreneurial clients and deliver the distinctive range of legal services they require through innovative service delivery models. His broad-based experience encompasses the entire life cycle of high-growth ventures, including structuring and organizing the enterprise, establishing relationships with key constituencies, acquiring, protecting and licensing intellectual property assets, securing capital resources through financing transactions, and realizing wealth through exit transactions. As a transactional lawyer, Philip has handled a full range of complex business transactions. Philip’s publications include the Missouri Bar and lectures for the Kansas City Entrepreneurs Club. He received his bachelor’s degree summa cum laude in English and business administration from William Jewell College, and J.D. from Vanderbilt University.