As a service to our community, the Leon E. Bloch Law Library welcomes guests to use our computers and has established guidelines for guest user computer access. Please be aware, however, that priority will be given to non-Law UMKC students, faculty and staff, for needed computer access. The Law Library is a research institution and is available for members of the public who need to perform legal research. The Law Library does not offer facilities for non-legal study.

  • Availability: Guests may ask at either the Circulation or Reference Desk for permission to use the computers at any time up to 30 minutes before the Library closes to the public. Guests will be required to provide a photo ID each time they request to be logged on to a Law Library computer. Acceptable forms of ID include a driver’s license, state issued ID card, U.S. Military ID card, passport, or college/university ID. The date, time, and your name will be logged and kept in a locked filing cabinet; such information will be destroyed on a regular basis.Only the three workstations adjacent to the computer lab on the first floor are available to guests. Patrons under 16 years old will not be logged in unless closely supervised by their parent or guardian. Guests and UMKC users are expected to respect others in the public access computer area. This includes (but is not limited to) treating computer equipment appropriately and limiting noise and disruption. Guest users will not be allowed to change computer settings.
  • Time Limits: We reserve the right to set time limits for use of the computers. Computers log off automatically after 2 hours, with a 5-minute warning. Computers automatically lock the screen after 10 minutes of inactivity. As long as there are no others waiting to use the computers, a guest may be logged in again after the 2 hour expiration period.
  • Resources: Guest users have access to the Internet and the Library’s databases, and to some limited software. Internet access and software are also available at branches of the Kansas City Public Library.No printing or copying is available at the UMKC Law Library, but you may scan documents and e-mail them to yourself or save them to a flash drive.