While most law students complete their law school career at one institution, some do not. Students may need to change locations for a variety of personal and/or academic reasons. If you didn’t initially start out as a law student at UMKC but would like to take courses here, we have two options to complete your legal degree.


If you begin your law school career at one school but move to UMKC after completing the first year with the intention of receiving a degree from UMKC, you are considered a transfer student. Learn more


If you plan on simply taking classes at UMKC with the intention of obtaining credit to apply toward your initial law school, you are considered a visiting student. Learn more

Please note that if you are taking courses at another institution and are interested in transferring or visiting UMKC, you must have completed the entire first-year curriculum at your initial institution. A maximum of 30 hours of credit earned at another law school may be applied toward obtaining a JD degree from UMKC.