The study of law is extremely rigorous, but also rewarding. The skill sets that make students successful in their undergraduate career may not directly translate to law school without some effort.  The Law School offers a number of programs designed to teach valuable skills and strategies throughout law school and beyond.

    • Summer Enrichment: Summer Enrichment Program is an optional one week intensive program before the start of a student’s 1L year.  This program teaches the basics of class and exam preparation.
    • Study Groups: There are two formal study group programs available for first-year students. In the Structured Study Group program, a second or third-year student attends one of the first-year courses and then leads several study groups of about 12 students each week. These are not tutoring sessions; rather, the experienced student models and facilitates effective approaches to studying course materials. In Comprehensive Study Groups, second- and third-year students focus on academic skills, helping first-year students master note-taking, outlining, using study guides and preparing for exams.
    • Law School Strategies Workshops: a faculty member provides direct instruction of academic skills such as how to approach the study of law or effective essay writing. These workshops are open to all students, but are especially helpful for first-year students.
    • Individual Academic Assistance: Director of Academic Support Professor Dan Weddle is available for individualized assistance with academic concerns throughout law school.
    • Individual Personal Assistance: Director of Student Services Ashley Swanson-Hoye is available to assist students with personal troubles while in law school.