At UMKC Law, we embrace diversity in all forms. This includes a vibrant community of students who are attending law school as a second or third career. These students, known as non-traditional students, enrich the law school community with their life experiences.

To accommodate the needs of students with established careers or family commitments, students have the ability to take a part-time course load. With the part-time option, you have up to five years to complete your JD.

Part-time & Non-Traditional Student FAQ

Part-time & Non-Traditional Student FAQ 7

Student Groups

Older Wiser Law Students, or OWLS, focuses on non-traditional law students, particularly those who are married, have children or pursued a career before entering law school. OWLS promotes spouse and child friendly social activities, along with career focused lectures (focusing on law as a second career, and how to successfully make the transition into a law career). They provide peer advice in preparing for exams, as well as balancing the demands of law school and family, and supply a place for students to network with other non-traditional law students and address the concerns of this population.

For more information, visit the student organization page.

Financial Aid

Part-time students are generally not eligible for scholarship assistance. Since part-time students are permitted to work during law school and full-time students are not, you will be able to use part of that income toward education costs.

There are, however, scholarships available for non-traditional students. The Suzanne Gilmore Memorial Scholarship is awarded to one law student who is a single custodial parent over the age of 30; the Alan Brooks Memorial Scholarship is awarded with a preference toward non-traditional students, students of color, or students with a military background; and the Mark A. Dover Memorial Scholarship is awarded to a student pursuing law as a second career. To learn more about these scholarships as well as our other scholarships, please visit the Scholarships page.

*Please note that these awards may not be available each semester as they are dependent on funding.

For more information about funding your legal education, visit our Financial Aid pages.