The spring start program is designed to provide students a flexible scheduling option that will permit an early start, with either a shorter time to graduation or a more relaxed pace for the program, depending on how students schedule the remainder of their education. Applications must be complete by November 1 in order to warrant consideration for Spring Start, and this option is available on a part-time basis only. New students starting in the spring will have the option to switch to full-time status if they wish after the spring semester.

If you are interested in starting in the spring or have questions, please contact the admissions office at or 816-235-1644.

Enrollment and Eligibility

Students interested in participating in Spring Start must apply to the Law School by November 1. Two seat deposits of $250 are required for enrollment at UMKC Law, and students who intend to partake in the Spring Start program must pay both seat deposits by November 25.


The 2018 Spring Start schedule will begin with a mandatory orientation and overview program from January 10-12 which will provide an overview of law school academic strategies, an introduction to resources in the law school, and orientation to administrative aspects of law school (policies and resources). Spring start students work with our Dean of Students to select their courses.

Spring start students will be taking the following: 

  • Constitutional Law – 4 credit hours (graduation requirement)
  • Civil Procedure I – 3 credit hours (graduation requirement)
  • Lawyering Skills I – 3 credit hours (graduation requirement)

Spring start students work with our Dean of Students to select their courses. In addition to these courses,  students have the option to take additional elective courses to bring them to full-time status. Part-time Spring Start students may transition to a full-time course load in the summer and/or fall.

Financial Information

Financial Aid will be available. For the spring term, you will need to fill out or add our school code to the FAFSA for the 2017-2018 academic year (You will also need to fill out the FAFSA for the 2018-2019 academic year for fall courses). Our school code is 002518. For questions regarding financial aid, please contact Linda Lawrence at 816-235-1236 or

Tuition is charged per credit hour and depends on the number of classes a student takes. For current tuition rates, please visit the Cashiers and Collections website.

2018 Important Dates to Remember

November 1: Application deadline for students interested in Spring Start

November 25: $500 seat deposit deadline for Spring Starters

January 8-11: Mandatory Spring Start orientation

January 16: First day of Spring Start classes