Students who have completed at least 90 acceptable hours of credit may be admitted, as long as they have completed all non-elective course work towards a bachelor’s degree. In order to be admitted under the program the applicants must have done the following:

  • They must have made arrangements with the undergraduate school that will award the degree to accept law school credits for the remainder of credit hours.*
  • They must submit with their application a letter from their undergraduate institution stating they will award the undergraduate degree upon successful completion of the first year law courses before obtaining the JD.

90 hour students will apply the same as traditional applicants but will indicate they are a 90 hour student in the application.

*Since the UMKC Law School does not confer the undergraduate degree and assumes no responsibility in regard to it, it is the duty of the student to make certain that the requirements for the degree are satisfied. Questions concerning requirements for the undergraduate degree or of the transferability of law credits to complete the degree should be directed to the institution granting the undergraduate degree.