We take pride in being an urban public law school that has a small liberal arts feel. We are dedicated to educating students to become outstanding lawyers who will serve their communities and the nation in the highest traditions of the legal profession, concentrating always on the foundations of good lawyering: respect for people, respect for ideas, and respect for justice.


At UMKC, you’ll find that your legal education extends beyond the walls of the classroom to encompass a range of real-life experiences directly related to your future career. Our program bridges the gap between theory and practice, giving students the opportunity to develop strong lawyering skills while learning the law and gaining exposure to the big picture issues that lawyers face in a complex society. We offer a broad range of skills and simulations courses, externships and clinics. Our emphasis areas and Solo and Small Firm Initiative allow for “specialization” in areas of interest, and we provide students with opportunities for networking and an introduction to professionalism. Read more>>


Law school is about more than just attending class, and UMKC sets itself apart from other law schools by creating a collaborative community between students, faculty, and staff. We strongly believe that law school should prepare students to be not only great legal scholars and professionals, but also influential leaders, informed advocates, and engaged citizens. It is for this reason that the very concept of ‘community’ is central to the School and the ways in which we build and sustain relationships with our students. Read more>>


We realize that attending law school requires not only time and energy but also money. At UMKC we are committed to providing students a quality legal education at an affordable price. As a National Jurist “Best Value” Law School, we are ranked not only on our affordable cost of tuition, but also on Kansas City’s affordable cost of living, our bar pass rate, and employment data. We are also committed to helping you develop a plan that works for you, using a variety of financial resources so your focus can remain on your law school education. There are both merit- and need-based scholarships available through the School of Law, as well as resources from the UMKC Office of Financial Aid. Read more>>


The School of Law prides itself on being a leader in innovation and was recently recognized as one of the 15 most innovative law schools by National Jurist magazine and one of the 25 most innovative law schools by preLaw magazine. We realize that legal education is changing, and we are committed to providing a comprehensive program that meets the needs of our diverse student body. We offer unique course and practical skills options as well as a range of enrollment options to help engage our students to become practice-ready attorneys. This commitment also extends to the technology you’ll see around the Law School, including our recently remodeled technology classroom. Read more>>


With a 90.7% employment rate and 85.3% Missouri Bar pass rate verified by the American Bar Association, our graduates consistently leave law school with the skills necessary to succeed in the legal market. Our students are supported by a strong alumni network, and our alumni achievements reflect the strength and reputation of the School. UMKC is one of only six law schools to have educated both a President of the United States and a U.S. Supreme Court justice. Nationwide, 144 judges are UMKC graduates; 96 of them in Kansas or Missouri. Alumni are counsel to major national corporations, leaders of large and small law firms, successful business people, and leaders in public service. Read more>>