At UMKC School of Law, our student emissaries represent the broad range of students admitted each year.

The mission of the emissaries is to promote the School of Law to potential law students, as well as to the public at large, in order to better inform all of the high standards and characteristics that are exemplified by the students, staff, faculty and administration of the Law School.

The emissaries act as liaisons between the admissions staff and entering students by working in the admissions office, contacting newly admitted students, giving tours and organizing the fall orientation.

The emissaries also act as the face of the law school at university and community events throughout the year.

Emma Bean

(2L) FROM COLORADO SPRINGS, CO Majored in English from University of Kansas
Photo of Emma Bean


Area(s) of Interest: Transactional Law

Law School Activities: Law Review Board, ALWS, MIPSO member, Themis representative

Why did you decide to attend law school? And more specifically UMKC?

I’ve always wanted to attend law school, I’m not entirely sure I can really tell you why anymore. It’s the only concrete career goal I’ve ever had except for a few months in middle school when I wanted to go to Juliard and be a concert pianist, despite not playing the piano. I chose UMKC because I felt like the school does a really good job of minimizing the inherent competitiveness that can run rampant and fostering a community.

What has been the biggest challenge as a law student?

Learning how to “think like a lawyer.” I never believed anyone when they told me that law school and legal studies require an entirely different mode of thinking than anything most of us have encountered before, but it’s true. And just learning how to work through a case or a statute has been very difficult.

What are your interests outside of law school?

My dog, naps, Netflix, staying active, getting outdoors

What is one piece of advice you would give to future law students?

Spend the first semester (potentially the entire first year, we’ll see how this semester goes) working through the motions. Fake it til you make it, so to speak. Don’t freak out about grades or your GPA (although you should probably be cognizant that those matter) but focus instead on just getting through the motions and repeating them every single day. Come to every class, take notes even if they don’t seem useful, read every case, brief every case, take every practice assessment, answer every practice question, ask every question that comes to mind, form study groups even if no one really knows what you’re studying. The best thing, I think, that you can do in your first semester is get yourself acclimated to the environment and the way that law school requires you to think and study. I think you’ll find (or at least I did) that this prevents the semester from bearing down on you as this five month long beast and allows you to work building block by building block. If you really understand each piece of the puzzle, it’ll all come together so much more easily.