At UMKC School of Law, our student emissaries represent the broad range of students admitted each year.

The mission of the emissaries is to promote the School of Law to potential law students, as well as to the public at large, in order to better inform all of the high standards and characteristics that are exemplified by the students, staff, faculty and administration of the Law School.

The emissaries act as liaisons between the admissions staff and entering students by working in the admissions office, contacting newly admitted students, giving tours and organizing the fall orientation.

The emissaries also act as the face of the law school at university and community events throughout the year.

Anne Case-Halferty

(2L) FROM ASHLAND, MO Majored in English & Political Science from University of MissouriUniversity of Missouri, Master of Public Administration (MPA)
Photo of Anne Case-Halferty


Area(s) of Interest: Advocacy

Law School Activities: AWLS, Law Review

Why did you decide to attend law school? And more specifically UMKC?

I had heard from several practicing attorneys that Kansas City has a very open and welcoming legal community, and that UMKC Law had an excellent reputation with area employers. But my interactions with the professors at UMKC is what really convinced me to attend. My professors are extremely knowledgable and invested in my success, and make themselves readily available if I ever have any questions or concerns.

What has been the biggest challenge as a law student?

I worked in community development and advancement for nearly eight years before coming to law school. Transitioning from a career to attending classes again was difficult, particularly since I had been out of school for a while. On top of that, law school is very time-intensive and you really have to invest much more time studying and preparing for class than you ever have for any previous coursework. Learning how to be an efficient and manage my time was perhaps the biggest challenge; and to be honest, it’s still a work in progress.

What are your interests outside of law school?

Camping, backpacking, and the great outdoors.

What is one piece of advice you would give to future law students?

You are getting ready to join a class of students who are going to be just as smart, engaged and passionate as you are about the law and learning. It’s going to be very difficult at times but also very rewarding, and you will discover a lot about yourself along the way. But do not lose sight of the reason that you wanted to become a lawyer in the first place, and remember to run your own race and stay true to your interests and passions while being open to new ideas and new ways of looking at the world.