It is generally recommended that you apply to law school ‘sooner rather than later’ in the admissions cycle as we have rolling admissions, which means that seats will fill up as the year progresses.  There is a slight advantage if you apply by the fall or winter, but we will often accept applications up through the summer before entry.  Please read on for more detailed information about the law school admissions timeline.

Important Dates

September 1  J.D. program application available

November 1 Application deadline for students interested in Spring Start

November 25 Full seat deposit ($500) deadline for Spring Starters

January 8 Spring orientation begins

January 16 Spring classes begin

March 1  Priority deadline for admission and scholarship consideration

March 1  Priority filing date for financial aid (FAFSA) submission

March 1  Application deadline for international J.D. students

March 1 Application deadline for students interested in Summer Start

March 18 Admitted Students’ Day

April 1 First seat deposit ($250) deadline*

May 15  Second seat deposit ($250) deadline*

May 14 Summer orientation begins

May 21 Summer Start classes begin

August 13 Fall orientation begins

August 21 Fall classes begin

*Rolling seat deposit deadlines will be assigned to applicants admitted after mid-March.

Detailed Timeline

  • Summer Before You Apply +

    The summer before you start applying to law school is a great time to start researching law schools and coming up with a good list of schools to which you would like to apply or investigate further.  It may also be the right time to start studying for the Law School Admission Test (LSAT) and working on your applications.  The LSAT is offered in the beginning of June and the end of July (as well as in September, December, and February), so you may consider taking the June or July exam, especially if you want to get an early start on your application. Starting in 2018, the LSAT will be offered more frequently. Please refer to for exact dates.

    UMKC Law often hosts an LSAT preparatory class by Get Smarter Prep held during the month leading up to an LSAT exam. Classes for the June exam begin in late April, and you can find further information about the course and registration directly through the Get Smarter Prep website.

  • Fall +

    Our application for the coming year opens on September 1!  After you apply, the Admissions Committee will review your application.  If you are selected for an interview, the Admissions Office will then be in contact with you to schedule your interview.  Admission is rolling, and we will generally accept applications through the summer (though our priority deadline is March 1).

    This is also the time of year when Admissions Officers start visiting colleges and universities to meet with students and advisors as well as attending law school and career fairs, such as the Law School Admission Council (LSAC) Forums.

    The LSAT is offered in September, and Admissions Officers are still traveling.

  • Winter +

    The LSAT is offered in early December.

    Happy New Year! If you plan to apply for financial aid, you should start getting your tax returns in order.

    The LSAT is offered in early February, and for many law schools this may be the last LSAT exam date for which they will accept scores for this year’s applications.  While we do recommend that you take the LSAT by February for the current admissions cycle, UMKC Law does typically also accept scores from the June exam date for entry the following fall.  You would not be eligible for summer start if you have not taken the LSAT by February and applied for admission before April 1.

  • Spring +

    March 1 is our priority deadline for admission, which means that you should try to apply by this date in order to gain full consideration for our various scholarship offerings. We will still accept applications through the summer, however.

    March 1 is also the date by which you should plan to file your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) with UMKC’s Financial Aid Office.  Please note, this is also not a strict deadline, but rather a guideline.

    We typically have an Admitted Students’ Day on a Saturday in mid-March, so if you apply and are admitted before this event, you are invited to visit the law school for a special day of panels, presentations, and opportunities to interact with current students, faculty, and alumni.

    April 1 is the first of two seat deposit deadlines. Admitted students must pay a $250 seat deposit by this date in order to guarantee a spot in the next year’s class. While this deposit is non-refundable, it is counted towards your tuition. (Students who are admitted after April 1 will be granted a different seat deposit deadline, dependent upon the date of the decision.)

    May 15 is the second and final seat deposit deadline. As with the first seat deposit, admitted students must pay a $250 seat deposit by this date in order to guarantee a spot in the next year’s class. Paying the second seat deposit also begins the process of enrollment in the University of Missouri-Kansas City system. Summer Start typically begins just after Memorial Day, with mandatory orientation just before Memorial Day weekend.

  • Summer +

    As always, the LSAT is offered in early June, and in most years we DO allow applicants to take the June exam for the current application year, i.e. for fall entry.  Please note, however, that space tends to be fairly limited by the time we reach the summer months, so it is recommended that you take an earlier LSAT or that you use the June exam for your application for the next year. We will not take the July exam for entry in August of the same year.
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