The American Bar Association requires that law schools that offer or have offered “conditional scholarships” disclose the retention rate for such scholarships. Conditional scholarships are scholarships that require the student to maintain a minimum grade point average or class rank, other than what is required to remain in good academic standing. Prior to September 2015, most scholarships at UMKC School of Law were conditional scholarships, and the data on retention of those scholarships is provided below. As of September 2015, UMKC School of Law is generally not issuing conditional scholarships, and instead most scholarships require only that a student remain in good academic standing and enrolled as a law student at UMKC.

(ABA Standard 509 (b)(3))

Students Matriculating in

# Entering with Conditional Scholarships

# Whose Conditional Scholarships Have Since Been Reduced or Eliminated

2018-2019 Academic Year



2017-2018 Academic Year



2016-2017 Academic Year