Selection for most scholarships is based solely on material in the student’s application for admission and admissions interview. Some of our need-based scholarships may also require that a student submit their FAFSA to UMKC in order to be considered. Information on other scholarships, including any application instructions, will be relayed to admitted students in the spring before entry. Students who would like to be considered for scholarships should complete their applications for admission by the March 1 priority deadline in order to receive maximum consideration for our full range of scholarship offerings.

  • Merit-based scholarships +

    All admitted students are considered for our merit-based, Second Century scholarships. The primary criteria for these scholarships are LSAT score, undergraduate GPA and the admissions interview. Other academic and personal characteristics are also considered including, but not limited to: course of study, post-graduate programs of study, writing, experience, leadership, and community engagement.
    Merit-based scholarships are awarded to admitted students within approximately 2-4 weeks of admission, and this notification will arrive via postal mail.
  • Need-based scholarships +

    In order to be considered for need-based scholarships, students must submit their FAFSA to UMKC in a timely manner (may be submitted as early as January 1; priority deadline is March 1). UMKC's FAFSA code is 002518.
    Need-based scholarships are awarded to matriculating students over the summer, and recipients are notified at the beginning of the academic year.
  • Non-resident tuition scholarships +

    All non-Missouri resident applicants are considered for non-resident tuition scholarships which serve to vastly reduce out-of-state tuition and, in most cases, make the tuition a student pays equivalent to in-state tuition. The scholarships are most often granted as 4-semester awards with the expectation that recipients will apply for Missouri residency in order to receive in-state tuition for the remainder of law school.
    Non-resident tuition scholarships are awarded to admitted students within approximately 2-4 weeks of admission, and this notification will arrive via postal mail.
  • Full tuition scholarships +

    UMKC Law is proud to offer two 3-year full tuition scholarships, the Julian Klein Davidson Scholarship and the Jack and Helyn Miller Scholarship, to outstanding members of the entering class. Admitted students who meet the academic qualifications and demonstrate the leadership potential which serve as the criteria for these awards will be invited to apply. Finalists will be required to interview with members of the Scholarship Committee during our Scholarship Day in March.
    Only students who apply for admission by March 1 will be considered for our full scholarships. Recipients will be notified before April 1.
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Most scholarships listed below fund our Second Century scholarship program. Those which require a separate application may represent additional monies to be awarded at the Dean’s discretion. The renewability of all scholarships is based on academic performance, the details of which will be made clear when a scholarship offer is made.

Scholarship applications for awards that require a separate application can be found on our Scholarship Applications page, which is updated annually based on the availability of awards.

To learn more about the range of scholarships offered at UMKC School of Law, click through the descriptions below.*

*Please note that these awards may not be available every semester as they are dependent on funding.

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