Your professional development is our primary concern. The Professional and Career Development Center (The Center) provides services to empower, prepare, and assist our law students and alumni as they pursue their career goals. We work with a variety of employers who recruit UMKC Law students and alumni. You are encouraged to contact The Career Center for personalized and detailed information.

  • Planning & Search Strategy +

    The search for legal employment can be complex and requires a strategy and a plan. The Professional and Career Development Center exists to help you with your search. Career development begins early in law school. An orientation to The Career Center is held in October for all first-year students. The orientation program introduces students to The Career Center’s staff and career resources, such as CONNECT, an online resource for job postings, announcements, and resources. Each student is encouraged to meet with a career advisor to develop individualized short-term and long-term job search strategies.

    The first step in the process of career planning is to complete a self-assessment so that you know where you are going and can take ownership of your career. Practice areas of the law are almost endless. If you have strengths in a certain area or something you are passionate about, there is likely an area of law that would be a good match. By engaging in this process, you will determine what you want out of your education and subsequent career and your path will be based on your needs and criteria.

    Taking time to explore all of your options requires starting early and staying aligned with the career development timeline (available once you are granted access to CONNECT). Once you establish your career goals, you will need to be organized, flexible, and patient about achieving them. We encourage students to help us help you by staying connected with The Career Center, attending our programming, and seeking one-on-one career advising.

  • Connecting & Networking +

    Once you have worked on developing your career goals and search strategies, it is important to get involved with the legal and business communities. Connecting early and often with other professionals is a vital component of your career and professional development. The Professional and Career Development Center (Career Center) hosts many opportunities to network with professionals both on and off campus. The Career Center hosts a popular structured networking series which brings together practicing lawyers and business executives with law students to explore practice area options, learn about job opportunities, and expand networks. The Career Center is also involved with the Roo Connectors program which identifies alumni and friends of UMKC Law who want to actively support the professional and career development of our law students by providing mock interviews, authoring guest blog posts, attending networking events, helping connect law students with alumni outside of the Kansas City area and outside of the traditional practice of law.

    Building a network is important not only for your job search now, but for your professional development and business opportunities in the future. Because networking is about building relationships, it is necessary to work on your professional network early in your legal career and continue throughout your career. The Career Center can help you get started by organizing networking opportunities, providing strategies for working through impediments to networking, and providing resources to set you up for networking success.

  • Resources +

    The Career Center provides resources to students and graduates throughout the process of acquiring legal employment. Whether seeking a part-time or summer position to add practical experience to one’s legal training or a position to commence one’s post-graduate career, The Career Center is available to help.

    The Career Center uses CONNECT, a web-based tool, to provide instant access to a resources library, job board, on-campus recruiting, requesting an advising appointment, and other services. The resources library on CONNECT acts as an online handbook of tools that will answer many common job search needs, including information on legal resumes, cover letters, writing samples, interviewing, accepting offers, networking, job fairs, and career development timelines.

    The Career Center also provides a Career Resources Library pertaining to all aspects of career development. Most of the print books are available in the Bloch Law Library, but handouts, directories, and publications pertaining to career development may be found in The Career Center. In addition, the Business Intelligence Center is a computer terminal located in the ground floor area of the Bloch Law Library with direct access to search tools such as atVantage, Kansas City Business Journal, Bloomberg Law, and others.

    As a student, we encourage you to seek one-on-one career advisor help for goal exploration, strategies, mock interviews, guidance on application materials, and any other professional development matters.

  • Disabled Student Services +

    UMKC endeavors to make all activities, programs and services accessible to students with disabilities. A Campus Coordinator for Disabled Student Services is available to arrange for reasonable accommodations. If you need accommodations, it is important that you contact the Coordinator as soon as possible to arrange for providing appropriate documentation and the prescribing of reasonable accommodations in the classroom and for exams. For information call (816) 235-5696. Speech and hearing impaired use Relay Missouri, 1-800-735-2966 (TT) or 1-800-735-2466 (Voice.) For questions or further information, see Ashley Swanson-Hoye in the Law School Administrative Suite.
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