Missouri attorneys need 15 hours of CLE each year. Six of those hours can be obtained by self-study. Missouri attorneys also need two hours of ethics credit, obtained each year (effective Jan. 1, 2010). The 15-Hour Review of the Law satisfies all requirements for Missouri in one day. Up to 15 hours of CLE may be carried over to the next year, but the six hours of self-study permitted may not be carried over.

Kansas attorneys need 12 hours of CLE each year, and no self-study is permitted. Two of the hours must be ethics hours. A maximum of eight hours can be earned in a single day, requiring at least one-and-a-half days of CLE. The Kansas 8 + 4 program fulfills all Kansas requirements by providing eight hours on one day and four hours at any previous or subsequent 15-hour program. Up to 10 hours of CLE may be carried over to the next year. No ethics hours may be carried over.

Do Kansas hours count in Missouri and vice versa?
For purposes of the 15-Hour Review of the Law and the Kansas 8 + 4, each hour qualifies for credit in both Missouri and Kansas. Remember that Kansans cannot get more than eight hours in one day.

Do the ethics hours count toward the required 15 or 12 hours?