Part-time students are eligible for both financial aid (student loans) and scholarships (merit-based awards). The criteria for receiving merit-based scholarships are the same for both part-time and full-time students. The monetary awards may still be structured for 3 years, however, even if it takes longer than 3 years to graduate. Scholarships are also structured to be applied for Fall and Spring semesters, not for Summer.

Students taking at least 5 credit hours are eligible for financial aid; students taking 10 credit hours are considered “full-time” for financial aid purposes. While the amount allowed toward tuition, fees, and books varies depending upon whether a student is classified as part-time (5-9 credit hours) or full-time (10+ credit hours), students get the same living expenses allowance regardless.

Students can also easily switch between part-time status and full-time status as they choose, with permission by a dean or advisor.