“Financial aid” comes in two forms – need-based loans (handled by the UMKC Financial Aid Office) and merit-based scholarships (handled by the School of Law Admissions Office).  If you are applying for need-based financial aid, please contact the UMKC Financial Aid Office directly for answers to any of your questions; they handle inquires about cost of attendance, FAFSA filing, etc.

Merit-based financial aid is awarded, in most cases, based on the strength of your application for admission and does not require a separate application.*  Some of our merit-based scholarships may give preference to those with financial need, and the criteria varies based upon the terms of the scholarship.  You can read all about UMKC Law’s scholarship offerings on our Scholarships website.

* We do have several scholarships that require an additional application, and you can read about these on our Scholarships website.  Please note that only admitted students can apply for these scholarships, and we accept applications for these scholarships in the spring of each year.