The Green Economy Symposium is a partnership of the Edward A. Smith/Bryan Cave Symposium, the UMKC Urban Entrepreneurship Initiative, The University of Missouri-Kansas City (UMKC) Law Review and several academic units of UMKC.  The symposium focuses on the responsibility of preserving a livable environment in an age of environmental challenges such as climate change, water shortages, and other issues. 

Moreover, the symposium focuses on entrepreneurship and opportunities for businesses to advance innovation and resiliency.  Selected articles from the symposium will appear in issue 4 of volume 86 of The UMKC Law Review. This issue will be dedicated to the late Professor Fred Cheever, who would have presented and written on the topic of “The Public Interest in Private Land Conservation” to draw attention to the importance of private land conservation. Student editors Zachary Parker and Annette Griffin have played a major role in helping authors who are publishing with the review.  Additionally, student symposium editors Jessica Smith, Kelsey Johnson, and Robin Koogler have helped with the logistics of the symposium[Office1] . 

The UMKC symposium is the product of multi-unit participation, with urban innovation and development themes under the umbrella concept of environmental advancement. The symposium advances efforts of existing interdisciplinary collaborations at UMKC in social, urban, and civic entrepreneurship and interactions with local and national Smart City initiatives.  It is a component of the UMKC Urban Entrepreneurship Initiative, which was one of seven proposals supported by UMKC Provost’s Strategic Funding Initiative during the first year of the initiative.  The other two components are a projects-based Entrepreneurial Urban Development course and a UMKC Urban Innovation Resource Rail. 

The entrepreneurial initiative, organized principally by Professor Tony Luppino of the School of Law and Dr. James DeLisle of the Department of Global Entrepreneurship and the Lewis White Real Estate Center in the Bloch School of Management, includes a focus on fostering economic activity that advances environmental values.  The Entrepreneurial Urban Development course is led by Dr. DeLisle and Law School Professor Brandon Weiss. The course features interdisciplinary teams of faculty and graduate and undergraduate students from the participating units and includes housing and other urban transformation and economic development projects often involving the exploration of incentives and public-private partnerships. 

Moreover, the symposium provides an example of collaboration with the legal community and lawyers of the Bryan Cave law firm to focus on cutting-edge topics, such as corporate climate action, socially responsible investing, microgrids, and urban food programs. 

Symposium presentations and papers explore legal and entrepreneurial efforts to address environmental challenges both in cooperation with government and in independent ventures.  Kansas City is well-known for business and community innovation, including charging stations for electric vehicles and efforts to advance urban gardening and “green zones.”  This symposium aims to further continued innovation in the Kansas City tradition of uncommon good sense for both the environment and the economy.  

The Symposium begins with opening remarks at 8:30 a.m. on Thursday, October 5 in the School of Law E.E. Thompson “Tom” Courtroom followed by morning and afternoon sessions, as well as an authentic Kansas City barbeque luncheon. The Friday, October 6 session begins at 8:30 a.m. It includes morning panels and a luncheon with the student roundtable discussions.

Included in this document is an outline of the Symposium sessions and bios of the speakers.