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UMKC School of Law admission practices reflect our belief that you are not a number or a set of numbers. While we do consider your LSAT score and your undergraduate course of study and performance in making admissions decisions, we are equally interested in meeting the “you” behind the numbers. To accomplish this, we carefully consider your whole file including your personal statement and letters of recommendation.

Moreover, we are one of the few, if not the only law school in the country, that conducts a personal interview with every applicant before an offer of admission is made. We encourage in-person interviews to allow applicants to visit the school, sit in on a class, and get a tour of the building from one of our student emissaries. The personal interview process allows applicants to make a better-informed judgment about UMKC and whether we are the right fit. We are happy to conduct interviews by phone or Skype as well.

UMKC’s desire to interview people before admitting them says a lot about how we treat our students. Every member of the faculty, administration, and staff believes in our goal to make the law school a genuine community with real, personal connections to every student.