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Photo of David Achtenberg

David Achtenberg

Law Foundation Scholar and Professor of Law 175 LAW
Phone: 816-235-2382 Website: Publications Website: Petition to Decision
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Photo of Ayyoub Ajmi

Ayyoub Ajmi

Associate Director Leon E. Bloch Law Library
Phone: 816-235-2633 Website: Publications Website: Blog
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Photo of Ahmed Alguidi

Ahmed Alguidi

Associate Director of the LL.M. Program for International Students/ Teaching Fellow Room 2-212
Phone: 816.235.1655
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Photo of Mark Berger

Mark Berger

Emeritus Professor of Law 1-410 LAW
Phone: 816-235-2374 Website: Publications Blog: Mark Berger
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Photo of Jeffrey B. Berman

Jeffrey B. Berman

Emeritus Associate Dean and Professor of Law Room 1-312
Fax: 816-235-1640 Website: Publications
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Photo of William K. Black

William K. Black

203B Manheim
Phone: 816-235-1314
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Photo of Michael Boman

Michael Boman

Assistant Clinical Professor and Director Kansas City Tax Clinic
Phone: 816-235-5899
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Photo of Dr. Bruce Bubacz

Dr. Bruce Bubacz

Department of Philosophy402 Haag Hall
Phone: (816)235-2814 Website: Dr. Bruce Bubacz
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