Can I use wireless printing?

To print your document, click here for the web print login. Once the document is uploaded to the system you will be able to send it to the printer located on the Ground Floor of the Library.

You will need your student ID to retrieve the document(s).

The system will hold your print job in queue for 72 hours and it will not print until you swipe your student ID in the reader attached to the printer.  For complete details about the new web printing procedure, download instructions (PDF).

How to print in the Electronic Resource Center (first floor)?

There are 25 computers in the ERC for student use. When logged into a lab computer, a print window on the desktop will show the student their current print balance. Pages cost $0.05 cents per page so every Monday the display will begin with an amount of $2.50 (representing 50 pages).

As noted above, this amount can be added to via the student’s One Card account.

What other equipment are available?

  • Thompson Courtroom: microphones, projection wall, computer, doc camera, laptop input, auxiliary input, video cameras, recording capabilities, videoconference capabilities
  • Stoup Courtroom: microphones, projection screen, computer, doc camera, laptop input, DVD and VHS player
  • Student Lounge: flat screen monitor (64-inch) with DirectTV and auxiliary inputs, microphones
  • Library Tech Classroom: microphone, projection screen, computer, doc camera, laptop input, six flat screen wall monitors

Which law classrooms have audio/visual equipment?

A listing of classrooms and equipment can be found here.

What audio/visual equipment is available at the law school?

  • Netbook Computer
  • Wireless Presentation Clicker
  • Projector
  • Document Camera
  • Portable Screen
  • Easels
  • Flip Charts
  • VCR and DVD Player
  • Video Camera
  • Tripod
  • Digital Camera
  • Digital Audio Recorder
  • CD/Cassette Tape Player
  • Power Supply for Laptops & Mac Books
  • Conference Phone
  • Turning Point Clickers
  • Flat Screen Monitor (28-inch)
  • Web Cam
  • Walkie Talkies
  • Wireless Microphone
  • Headphone
  • Audio Mixer
  • Chromakey Green Screen Kit
  • Video Lighting Kit + Background Support Kit (Green/Black/White)
  • Portable Live Streaming Unit
  • Google Glass

Can I take exams using my laptop?

The law school uses ExamSoft’s SofTest for exams available for both Windows and Macs. A $25 charge is paid directly to ExamSoft before downloading the software. A 1L clinic will be available in the fall for those expecting to use the software.

How do I get a CALI login?

The CALI Library of Lessons is a collection of over 400 interactive, computer-based lessons covering 28 legal education subject areas. Access to CALI lessons requires registration, which is free for law school faculty, staff and students. A CALI card with the authorization code was included in your welcome package. CALI cards are also always available on the ERC front counter or in office 1-112.

How do I change my UMKC SSO password?

You are required to change your Pathway password every 180 days and are restricted from re-using your previous 24 passwords. You change your password here.

Is a scanner available for student use?

Two Bookeye 4 document scanners are available, one on the ground floor of the library and one on the first floor across from the Circulation Desk. A Bookedge scanner is located in the library on the second floor. These machines more easily scan books and other material not suitable for standard flatbed and document-feed scanners. A flatbed scanner with document feeder  is available in the ERC located on the first floor.

May I store my files on lab computers?

Files cannot be stored on the local hard drive. Your personal Documents, Desktop and Favorites folders are redirected to your network Q: drive. Your files will be available to you when you are logged into any lab computer on campus. When opening a file from your webmail, the file is opened in a temporary folder on the hard drive. If you make any changes to the file, it is very important to choose a new location to save the file.