How do I quality?

The first step is to contact the Clinic for your phone consultation. Our primary qualification is based upon current year income. We can represent individual taxpayers with tax controversies. We cannot, however, represent corporations or partnerships. Each case is evaluated during the initial consultation.

What will I pay for services at the Clinic?

There is no charge for the Kansas City Tax Clinic’s services. There are some instances in which an outside agency charges a fee and, in those rare cases, those fees would be the client’s responsibility. For example, the United States Tax Court charges a fee of sixty dollars to file a petition, and the client must pay this fee.

How do I request assistance?

Visit Contact Us and give us a call. We go through an initial phone consultation to determine the basic issues and qualification.

What services can the Clinic provide?

Under the supervision of the Faculty Directors, the Clinic staff and students provide the following services to qualifying taxpayers:
  1. Representation before the United States Tax Court, including filing the petition, negotiating the settlement with and IRS Appeals Officer, and representation at trial, if necessary.
  2. Represent the taxpayer during an audit.
  3. Establish the taxpayer’s entitlement to the Earned Income Tax Credit, dependency exemptions, the Child Tax Credit, and the Additional Child Tax Credit.
  4. Advise with respect to collection alternatives such as an offer in compromise, an installment agreement, or currently not collectible status.
  5. Prepare innocent spouse and injured spouse requests
  6. File claims for refund.
  7. Prepare delinquent tax returns.
  8. Represent the taxpayer in IRS Appeals conferences, including Collection Due Process hearings and appeals arising from adverse IRS determinations.
  9. Prepare and file requests for audit reconsideration.
  10. Assist with state tax matters, providing the taxpayer also has a federal tax controversy.

Who does the Clinic serve?

The Clinic represents qualifying taxpayers with federal and state tax controversies. We assist taxpayers in the Kansas City Metropolitan area, on both sides of the state line. While most of our clients come from the metropolitan area, we also work with clients from a wide geographic area.