How do I get financial aid to the University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Law?

“Financial aid” comes in two forms – need-based loans (handled by the UMKC Financial Aid Office) and merit-based scholarships (handled by the School of Law Admissions Office).  If you are applying for need-based financial aid, please contact the UMKC Financial Aid Office directly for answers to any of your questions; they handle inquires about cost of attendance, FAFSA filing, etc.

Merit-based financial aid is awarded, in most cases, based on the strength of your application for admission and does not require a separate application.*  Some of our merit-based scholarships may give preference to those with financial need, and the criteria varies based upon the terms of the scholarship.  You can read all about UMKC Law’s scholarship offerings on our Scholarships website.

* We do have several scholarships that require an additional application, and you can read about these on our Scholarships website.  Please note that only admitted students can apply for these scholarships, and we accept applications for these scholarships in the spring of each year.

When is the priority deadline for the FAFSA?

February 1st

What is UMKC’s FAFSA Code?


I’ve heard that UMKC gives non-Missouri residents special scholarships so that they don’t have to pay full out-of-state tuition – is that true?

All non-Missouri resident applicants are considered for non-resident tuition scholarships which serve to vastly reduce out-of-state tuition and, in most cases, make the tuition a student pays equivalent to in-state tuition. The scholarships are most often granted as 4-semester awards with the expectation that recipients will apply for Missouri residency in order to receive in-state tuition for the remainder of law school.
Non-resident tuition scholarships are awarded to admitted students within approximately 2-4 weeks of admission, and this notification will arrive via postal mail.

How do I go about attaining Missouri residency so that I can get in-state tuition?

Residency status is granted through the central Admissions Office at UMKC and not through the School of Law.  In order to declare your residency status, you must have lived in Missouri for one consecutive year and complete a Residency Petition.  There are a number of documents that you will need to supply to accompany your Residency Petition, and you should visit the UMKC Residency website for the most up to date information on the requirements.  For further questions about residency, please contact the UMKC Admissions Office directly at 816-235-1111 or

When will I hear whether I have received a scholarship?

Students are considered for general merit scholarships based on their applications for admission. These scholarships are awarded within 2-4 weeks of a student being admitted.  Some of our scholarships require an application, and students are selected within about a month of the application deadline – typically in the late spring.  For the most up-to-date and detailed information about scholarships and deadlines, please visit our Scholarships website.

If you are a 2L or 3L, there are still other scholarships available to you. You can find out more about these opportunities on RooLaw (the UMKC Law intranet).

Does UMKC Law offer any full rides?

Yes! We do have two full merit-based scholarships that are awarded each year – the Jack and Helyn Miller Scholarship and the Julian Klein Davidson Scholarship. In addition to covering full tuition, these scholarships also pay for books, the UMKC bar preparation course, and tuition to attend one of UMKC’s summer abroad programs in Ireland or China. Students who meet the academic eligibility requirements for these scholarships will be invited to apply, and those selected as finalists are required to interview in person on Scholarship Day (typically in mid-March).

I’ve been admitted and received a scholarship! How do I accept my scholarship offer?

Congratulations!  Paying your seat deposits constitutes acceptance of your scholarship as well as your seat in the class.

What do I do if I receive an outside scholarship?

If a student receives an outside scholarship, they should send a copy of their award letter to the UMKC Financial Aid Office.  All scholarships from all sources must be utilized in determining the eligibility for federal loans. Even students who are not applying for federal loans should submit this information so that we can match the scholarship award check to the student recipient once it is received on campus.

When are student loans disbursed?

Loans are disbursed the week before classes begin each term, as long as the student has been awarded, has accepted awards, and has completed all loan paperwork such as MPN’s (Master Promissory Note) and Loan Entrance Counseling online at