When is my tuition due?

Tuition and fee payment questions should be directed to the Cashier’s Office.

How do I drop or add a course?

Drop/adds must be requested by completing a form available from the registrar. A course may not be added after the class has met for one week. Add/Drops cannot be completed online through Pathway.

Can I register for a course on an ungraded basis?

After completion of the first year, a student may take one elective course ordinarily graded (except a 4-credit-hour class) on an ungraded basis. For a “credit” to be posted on the student’s record, work done for the course must be equivalent to a grade of C- or better, otherwise, the actual grade will be posted. A student must fill out a form provided by the registrar, and delivering in person to the UMKC Registrar’s Office before the beginning of the semester.

Can I be put on a wait list if a course fills up?

Closed courses will be designated on the course schedules. A waiting list process will begin for each closed class and students will be contacted if seats become available. A wait list request form may be obtained from the administrative suite front desk.

Do courses fill up? Who is given preference?

Sometimes more students request a course than the number of seats available. Preference will be given to third year students. If there are not enough seats for all members of a class, students are assigned based upon priority requests and random assignment.

How do I get an emphasis area designation on my transcript?

To learn more about specific emphasis area admission and requirements, click here. Students should familiarize themselves with requirements when requesting 2L and 3L courses.

Can I get credit for working on a journal staff?

Yes. Students should indicate on their course request sheet for each semester the number of credits they will be receiving for participation. A student may NOT serve concurrently as an editor of the Law Review and Urban Lawyer. Two students may NOT hold the same editorship on a journal except for Urban Lawyer assistant editors.

How do I satisfy the professional skills requirement?

The certification may be obtained in one of the following ways:
  • Completion of one credit hour of professional skills education. This requirement may be completed by successfully completing one or more courses designated in the course schedule as meeting all or a portion of the requirement. Courses are listed by what percentage of total requirement they fulfill.
  • Completion of a one credit hour independent study, Law 746R.
  • Participation in law school programs that provide professional skills education including advocacy, counseling and negotiation competitions.

What is the R&W requirement?

Students are required to submit a rigorous writing piece evidencing legal analysis resulting in a paper of professional quality. For more information, click here.

How do I know whether a course meets specific requirement?

The course schedules indicates courses that meet requirements by the following in the notes section: J – Course meets jurisprudence requirement UCC – Course meets uniform commercial code requirement AdvT – Course meets advanced torts requirement