Danette Lynn Rardon (’03)

Danette Lynn Rardon (’03) passed away on November 25, 2017. She began her legal career as an attorney with Cleaveland Macoubrie and Cox in Chillicothe, Missouri. Danette was Senior Vice President of the Wealth Management for Citizens Bank and Trust.

W. Brian Gaddy (’94)

W. Brian Gaddy (’94) is a new Section President of the KCMBA/KCMBF.

Christopher B. Wirken (’00)

Christopher B. Wirken (’00) is a new Member-at-Large of the KCMBA/KCMBF.

Phyllis A. Norman (’03)

Phyllis A. Norman (’03) is a new Member-at-Large of the KCMBA/KCMBF.

Kelly McCambridge (’08)

Kelly McCambridge (’08) is a new board member of the KCMBA/KCMBF.

Athena M. Dickson (’03)

Athena M.  Dickson (’03) is the new Treasurer of the KCMBA/KCMBF.

Lajuna M. Counts (’88)

Lajuna M. Counts (’88) is the new Vice President of the KCMBA/KCMBF.

Nikki E. Cannezzaro (’00)

Nikki E. Cannezzaro (’00) is the new President for KCMBA/KCMBF.

John Robert Miller (’79)

John Robert Miller (’79) passed away on Wednesday, October 4, 2017. He began his career as a trust officer with the First National Bank of Kansas City in 1982. He worked several years for Arthur Andersen and Commerce Bank. John worked for 20 years at Bank of America.

Thomas J. Cox, Jr.  (’62)

Thomas J. Cox, Jr.  (’62) passed away on November 8, 2017. Tom worked as an Assistant Prosecuting Attorney of Jackson County and later in his career had his own law firm. He also served in The United States Navy.