Stuart Z. Hirschman (’58)

Stuart Z. Hirschman (’58) LLM passed away on Oct. 8, 2018.  He was a partner at several law firms in New York and Kansas City. He also expanded into other ventures, including producing a Hollywood movie, serving as Chairman and President of a Missouri bank and as the general partner in over thirty real estate properties. Stuart served in the United States Air Force and the USAF Reserve.

Clarence A. Conoley (’53)

Clarence A. Conoley (’53) passed away January 30, 2017. Upon graduation from law school, Clarence was hired into the legal department of Panhandle Eastern Pipeline Company where he continued to work until his retirement as a senior attorney. Clarence was an Army Veteran and served in World War II.

Carolee Sauder Leek (’59)

Carolee Sauder Leek (’59) passed away on February 28, 2017. She was one of only three female students in her class at the time.  After passing the Kansas bar exam she joined the law firm Wagner, Leek and Mullins. Carolee was the first career women lawyer in Johnson County and a role model for countless women in the Kansas City area. She served as municipal judge of Mission, Kansas from 1965 to 1969. 

Jay Macey Rosenblum (’51)

Jay Macey Rosenblum (’51) is in the process of publishing a novel The French Lieutenant and the King of Rome. A historical romantic novel set during the occupation of France during World War II.

Norman Besheer (‘55)

Norman Besheer (‘55) is now managing director of Modern Fire Safety, LLC, a subsidiary of Gunter Pest Management, Inc., as well as CEO of Gunter. He was recently elected Honorary Mayor of Waldo.