What is required for admission to law school?

Does UMKC offer or recommend an LSAT prep class?

The LSAT is a required standardized test for entry to law school, and as is the case with most standardized tests, preparation is recommended. In order to achieve their full potential on the LSAT, most law school applicants will familiarize themselves with the types of questions asked, take practice tests, and put in time to study before taking the actual test. We recommend that applicants evaluate themselves in terms of their study habits and learning style to determine what course of study for the LSAT would work best for them as individuals. Some students find success by using prep books or online materials and studying on their own, while others may find that a prep course and/or tutor is most beneficial to their learning style.

UMKC School of Law often hosts an LSAT preparatory class by Get Smarter Prep held during the month leading up to an LSAT exam. Classes begin about a month before the date of the exam, and you can find further information about the course and registration directly through the Get Smarter Prep website.

In addition, Khan Academy has partnered with LSAC to offer a free test prep program which is personalized to each student’s needs and utilizes official test questions from the LSAT.

Are first year students permitted to work?

No.  Full-time law students are expected to spend the majority of their time on their studies.  As a result, they are not permitted to work. In the second and third years, a student can work up to 20 hours per week. 

What is LSAC?

LSAC, or the Law School Admissions Council, is an organization that administers the Law School Admissions Test (LSAT) and the Credential Assembly Service (CAS). UMKC School of Law requires applicants to register for both services. Visit LSAC to register.

Do you have a summer or spring start option?

We have both a spring and summer start option. The Spring Start Program provides students with a flexible scheduling option to earn up to 14 credits in their first semester. We also have a Summer Start Program, although space is limited. Seats will be filled in the order seat deposits are received.

Do you have evening classes?

We do offer a limited schedule of evening classes; however, most are upper level elective courses. Students will not be able to fulfill requirements with evening classes alone.

Do you have a part-time program?

Yes, we do have a part-time day program which allows students to attend law school on a part-time basis during the day. The program allows the student a maximum of five years to complete the program and obtain the JD degree. For more information, check out our Part-time & Non-traditional Students page.

How long does it take to complete law school?

The full-time program generally takes three years to complete the 91 credits required for graduation.

What is the average age of an entering UMKC Law Student?

Our average age for the last three incoming 1L classes has been 26. While the majority of our students are recent college graduates, we also have a vibrant community of students returning to law school as a second (or third!) career.

What undergraduate majors do you prefer for law school?

We always recommend that undergraduates major in what they are passionate about. There is no right or wrong major for law school; however, applicants should choose courses with substantial intellectual content which will help students develop skills in writing, reading comprehension, and critical thinking. Particularly helpful to law school study are courses in history, political science, economics, logic, debate, language arts, and even STEM fields (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math).