What is the Law Foundation Annual Fund?

The Law Foundation Annual Fund is an annual campaign whereby gifts to the fund are directed by the Law Foundation Board of Trustees to support several areas of need at the school of law.

How are gifts to the Annual Fund used?

Currently, the annual fund supports student competitions, general support for law school, faculty scholar projects and publishing and mailing of 6,500 copies of Res Ipsa, the twice-a-year magazine for law alumni. Funds are also used for expenses associated with managing the Law Foundation’s $8.4 million endowment and fundraising expenses.

Why are gifts from alumni needed?

There are three main sources of funding for the law school – state appropriations, tuition and fees, and private giving. As support from the state has declined to less than 10% of the budget, this has placed more emphasis on revenues from tuition and private giving.

Recently an accreditation team visiting the UMKC School of Law. They were extremely impressed with the quality of the school, its programs and outcomes. They were even more impressed to know how productive the school is even with limited resources.

Especially because of the state budget reductions, gifts from alumni and friends now more than ever make a major difference to the quality of the student experience at the UMKC School of Law.

Your gift. Every Year. Makes a Difference!