Accommodations & Facilities

Participants will be housed at Dingle Harbour Cottages in Dingle, Victoria Mills student residences at University College Cork, Glenomena student residences at University College Dublin in Dublin and Braint Hall student residences at Bangor University in Wales.  The facilities are variously configured to sleep from 3 to 8 students per unit.  The Harbour Cottages feature a private bedroom, 2 shared bathrooms, kitchen and living area. Each campus facility features a private bedroom/bath combination, shared living area and kitchen.  All allow for self-catering to ameliorate meal expense. The university facilities are modern and comparable to most dormitories on U.S. campuses.  Classes are conducted within easy walking distance at each location in modern classrooms at University College Dublin and Bangor University and in a historic nun’s school in Dingle.  Internet access is not available in the Harbour Cottages but is available in the classrooms and area merchants in Dingle.  Access is readily available in classrooms and accommodations in Cork, Dublin and Bangor.  Students are responsible for securing their own accommodations for any travel away from program accommodations.  The usual range of food services, shops, postal services, transportation are readily available in each location.  Program provided housing is available from May 19 – June 15, 2019.

On-site Support

Directors, faculty and staff are available on-site at all locations.  Faculty/Coordinator room location and emergency contact phone numbers are published on Westlaw TWEN and provided in pre-departure packets. 


Information regarding scholarships and travel awards for current UMKC students may be obtained on the UMKC International Academic Programs (IAP) website at or telephone (816) 235-5759 for further updates. Additional scholarship information is available on the UMKC Student Financial Aid and Scholarships website at . Visiting students should check with their home school’s financial aid office to obtain scholarship and/or grant opportunities information that may be available to them.

Financial Aid

Students seeking financial aid for travel abroad must apply to their own school’s financial aid office.  UMKC will provide supporting documents and Consortium Agreements for visiting students upon request from the students’ home institution’s financial aid office. Questions regarding financial aid and/or Consortium Agreements should be directed to Linda Lawrence, Senior Student Support Specialist in the UMKC Student Financial Aid Office, via email at or telephone at (816) 235-1236.  You are strongly advised to visit with your financial aid representative to determine summer financial aid eligibility before applying to the program.

Cancellation Policy

The Ireland program has operated successively since its inception 19 years ago.  However, UMKC reserves the right to cancel for insufficient enrollment or under extraordinary circumstances such as natural disaster, war, political instability or emergency.  In such unlikely event, you will be notified by email and program fees paid including deposits will be refunded within 20 days of such notification.  If requested, the program director will use his best efforts to arrange for students to enroll in a similar program.  In addition, if a significant program change occurs, applicants will be again notified by email and applicants may cancel and receive a full refund of program fees paid within 20 days.

Due to the non-refundable nature of our accommodations, arrangements and host institution policies, program deposit/application fee is NOT refundable for any reason other than documented medical emergency.  If student initiates cancellation and withdrawal after March 01, 2019, there is a 100 percent cancellation penalty.  However, the 100 percent cancellation penalty, less the non-refundable deposit(s) may be waived in the unlikely event the program is at capacity and a qualified substitute is found by the student or program to fill the unexpected vacancy.