Course Work

(5.0—6.0 hours of transferable ABA-approved credit)

  • The curriculum features classes and discussions scheduled primarily in the morning, coupled with field trips to legal institutions, and tours to cultural and historic sites. There are no evening or weekend classes. 
    • Comparative Criminal Law             1 cr hr
    • Law of European Union I             1 cr hr
    • European Union Competition Law             1 cr hr
    • Law of European Union II             2 cr hrs
    • Independent Study             1 cr hr

Credit Transfers

This program is approved for 6.0 hours of academic credit by the American Bar Association.  UMKC will provide supporting documents, but ultimately the decision to accept transfer credit and grades is determined by each academic institution.  Further, overseas study programs may not meet your school’s residency or accelerated graduation policies. Accordingly, you are strongly advised to confer with your law school’s dean or registrar prior to applying.

Exams & Grading

There will be a separate written examination for each course.  The primary instructor will grade exams as pass/fail (unless your school requires an alphanumeric grade).  UMKC is the credit-granting institution and will evaluate student performance for credit.