Field placement courses place students in live law offices and judicial chambers, working side-by-side with mentor attorneys, practicing law. On the academic side, students in field placement courses (called interns or externs), participate in tutorials or seminar to explore the nature of practice, professional judgment, and related issues.

The placements and courses featured below also include courses that are campus-based clinics (practicing with a faculty lawyer) and collaborative project courses that form teams to solve pressing legal issues. At UMKC, each of these live practice courses help students understand and develop a deep array of lawyering skills.

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  • Traditional Field Placements

    • Judicial
    • Government Practice
    • Criminal Practice
  • Partners in the Profession

    • Mentor-Attorney Agreement
    • Becoming an Approved Host Office
  • Law and Place

    • Environmental Law
    • Real Estate
    • Land Use and Urban Development
  • Individual Client Focus

    • Family Law
    • Estate Planning
    • Taxation Disputes
    • Litigation
    • Employment Law
  • Law and Innovation

    • Entrepreneurship
    • Intellectual Property
    • Collaborative Projects
  • Student Information

    • FAQs
    • Certification to Practice Law as a Student