The advocacy specialty area is designed to give students the skills and knowledge to excel in the ever-changing world of 21st century litigation, including administrative, pre-trial, trial and appellate work. Students in this emphasis area are able to take advantage of the multitude of court systems in the Kansas City metro area, including administrative tribunals, Missouri Circuit Courts, the Missouri Court of Appeals Western District, and the United States Courts for the Western District of Missouri.

At UMKC School of Law, we are committed to training “trial- ready” advocates. Here you will have the opportunity to learn trial skills with experienced professors. You will gain valuable experience in trial law and practice. Our students have options to participate in several trial advocacy courses. In addition to course opportunities, we offer multiple externships, clinics, and a Mastery of Advocacy course which provide real clients, real discovery, and real trial experience. We’ve found that preparing trial-ready students begins with training students in action, on real cases, in the real world. Our courses, clinics, and externships provide students the opportunity to advocate for their clients in a variety of court settings.

Students who complete our advocacy programs should be able to pick up a case file, organize it, and present it before a court and a jury in a persuasive way. Whether you have a desire to be a trial advocate, compete for your school, or merely want to overcome the fear of speaking in front of others, these courses are for you. Graduates of UMKC’s advocacy program have been recognized as the Best of the Bar and serve as state and federal lawyers and judges.

In addition to rigorous coursework, the law school’s advocacy program gives student the opportunity to compete in regional and national trial and appellate competitions, adding to the school’s history of competition success. UMKC has also created the Board of Barristers, a student operated organization devoted to the improvement of trial advocacy skills in all students.