General Requirements

  1. Completion of 91 credit hours, 80 of which must be credits in regularly scheduled law school classes or clinics (76 if a J.D./MBA or J.D./MPA student)
  2. A cumulative grade point average of at least 2.0.
  3. Completion of all required courses.
  4. Completion of research and writing (R&W) requirement.
  5. Regular and punctual class attendance.

Required courses

First-year required courses

Full-time program

Fall semester Credit hours
Contracts I 3
Criminal Law 3
Lawyering Skills I 3
Property I 3
Torts 3
Winter semester Credit hours
Contracts II 3
Constitutional Law 4
Lawyering Skills II 2
Property II 3
Civil Procedure I 3

Part-time students

Flex students must take three of the required courses, including Lawyering Skills in their first year. The remaining courses must be completed in the second year of study.

Other required courses

Experiential Course Requirement

A student must take 6 credit hours in a course or combination of courses that meet the school’s experiential course requirement. These courses are primarily clinical, internship, or skills simulation courses.  Courses fulfilling the requirement will be designated by the faculty.

Students must complete the following courses as a condition of graduation:

Required during the summer preceding or the second year

Course Credit hours
Business Organizations 3
Civil Procedure II 2
Federal Taxation 3
Evidence 3

Required during second or third year

Course Credit hours
Criminal Procedure I 3
Professional Responsibility 2
A course that fulfills the school’s jurisprudence requirement 1-3
A course or combination of courses that fulfills the school’s professional skills requirement 1-4

This page is designed to give a general overview of the JD Requirements. For an authoritative description, visit the official UMKC School of Law Catalog