School of Law courses may be attended on an audit basis without academic credit or for non-degree credit by lawyers who do not wish to pursue a graduate degree but who desire to increase their knowledge in specialized or changing fields of law.

Ordinarily, non-lawyers and non-law students may not take law courses. If they wish to do so, they must first fill out an enrollment application (below)  along with an attached statement explaining why they feel qualified to take or audit a course and the relevance to his or her career objectives.

Classes are held at the School of Law, located at 500 E. 52nd St., unless otherwise indicated.

Course offerings

For a listing of courses, please visit our catalog (PDF).

Registration fees

Advanced Professional Study Courses are billed at the LL.M. rates. To view current tuition rates, click here. Note that certain fees apply only for those students taking less than six credit hours.

Enrollment application

For those wishing to fax their registration form, you may download a registration form, and fax to 816-235-5276.